The Big Move pt. 2

Drove up the PCH and slept at H. Dana Bowers rest area, right after crossing the Golden Gate bridge. Nice place to stop and got some sweet shots of the San Fransisco sunrise: The statue above is The Lone Sailor. An homage to sailors and marines that passed through these waters going to other lands.…

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The Big Move

All ends are new beginnings… After a long break (3 years? Yikes!), I’m bringing back this little blog of mine. Heck, I’m hoping to let it shine! Lots of updates to share and many adventures had (which I plan on sharing), but for now the big news are… We are moving on up to Washington…

Greywater Action Installers Course

Digging up a mulch basin to prevent the Greywater from running off.

Greywateraction‘s Installers Course (2017 edition) recently came to a close. As part of the collaborative of educators, I decided to share some photos and insights from this past installation day. We, at GreywaterAction, believe in building systems for a sustainable water culture. Heck, that’s our slogan! With that in mind, we talk (and teach) about…

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Book Shelf: Ecotopia

I recently finished reading Ecotopia, by Ernest Callenbach. Been hearing about this book for a while now, mostly from people deep in the trenches of the sustainability movement. Now I see why there was so much talk about it. Ecotopia’s namesake is a fictional country formed, in 1980, after America’s Northwest secedes from the United…

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Rainwater Harvesting With IBC Tanks

Recently, I helped a friend design and install his rainwater harvesting system. This was made much easier by my recent experience in Tucson, Arizona. The water harvesting certification from Watershed Management Group was filled to the brim with knowledge, and math. But I digress… Rainwater Harvesting System: So, my friend Mike contacts me and asks…