Rainwater Harvesting With IBC Tanks

Recently, I helped a friend design and install his rainwater harvesting system. This was made much easier by my recent experience in Tucson, Arizona. The water harvesting certification from Watershed Management Group was filled to the brim with knowledge, and math. But I digress… Rainwater Harvesting System: So, my friend Mike contacts me and asks…

Composting Toilet Installation

Finally installed a composting toilet What is a composting, or dry, toilet? Now, you might be thinking. “Is this one of those things like the port-a-potty at events, or bathrooms at campsites?” The answer is a resounding, no. Composting toilets have been around for ever. They are recycling devices; unlike flush toilets, which are disposal…


A Watershed is the total area of land from which water, sediments, and dissolved materials flow by gravity to a particular endpoint.

Water, drought and what I’m doing about it

Some of the books that are keeping me busy, and excited about the future!

As you might now, I’m passionate about water and our relationship with it. Through that, I’ve been involved in designing and installing Greywater systems for a while now. The more I learn, and the more people I meet, the more apparent it becomes that we need to approach the drought from as many, sustainable, angles as possible. I want to emphasize sustainable, because as Albert Einstein put it “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

10 Easy Water Saving Tips (with extras)

I’m writing these easy water saving tips because I’ve been noticing many people taking about the drought, mandatory restrictions and water bill hikes. This is something I’ve been involved in for a while now and love to share with people. Hopefully I’ll mention something you had not though of and it inspires some action. Also,…