Picture this: Spreadwing farm

chicken coop and orchard

As you might recall, Erin and I almost did a farm internship for a couple of months. This was with Michael G. Smith of Spreadwing farm, a well known natural builder and all around great guy. I first met Michael while taking a week long Natural Building Intensive he co-taught. Well, after talking about alternate…

Picture This: Topanga Caterpillar

Found this little one walking about

White-marked Tussock Moth Unknown caterpillar found cruising around the yard. There were dozens of these for a while and then all gone. Never got to see what they turn into… [Update] Looks like this might be a Orgyia leucostigma or White-marked Tussock Moth. Though they are supposed to not go farther west than Texas, I…

Picture This: Bees on Sunflower

Bees on sunflower

Sunflowers are considered composite flowers, meaning the flower “head” is actually composed of many smaller flowers. Also they are not heliotropic, or follow the sun, as many people think. This is an old picture, but I thought you might enjoy it. It’s been crazy over here after the hectic move we had. We are still looking into our…

Picture This: Bee with pomegranate

Nature's gift to fruit trees

Took this in a back yard in Glendale, Ca. I have this affinity for taking pictures of bugs. One of these days I’m going to buy one of them fancy macro lenses… Although I do have a nifty little lens for my phone’s camera! Thanks Photojojo