The GreenmanIn 1989, I came to California from Cordoba, Argentina. I had what you might call a “normal” childhood. Video games, skateboarding and way too much TV. The catalyst to align my life in a more sustainable way came around 2006 from watching Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ I remember that night vividly. After a Sunday yoga class I found out they were showing this film and decided to stay. Boy, did it awaken my awareness. I left expecting the sky to fall before I even made it home.

Not too long after that I started gardening and learning about permaculture,natural building, greywater and related subjects. This blog is the chronicle of my path to help create a more sustainable world, one day at a time.



  1. Very good stuff! I am your wife’s sister’s Mother in Law!!!! LOL-that’s a mouth full! Keep posting. I’m saving you to my favorites.

  2. Your blog has such a nice look, with so much great information. I’m glad I found it through facebook. I can tell you are passionate about your projects. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey Sergio,

    Your site has a nice clean look. See ya around the ‘hood. (lol)



  4. I would like to correspond with you to learn more details about the Rainwater Harvesting With IBC Tanks project, as I am considering building one for my home.

  5. Hey Sergio,

    Just found your blog doing some research on rainwater catchment into IBC totes. I’ve got a barn with a large roof that I’ve added gutters to. I’ve got a first flush and have the water makings its way to a single tote. I’m looking to daisy chain my remaining totes the way you did in your post, but didn’t quite understand how they all link up. Can you explain further or point me to a diagram that explains the connections? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jason,
      I would not recommend connecting them the way my friend and I did. That was his call and I thought it was over engineered. Depending on the amount of water you expect coming in, you may be able to interconnect the totes from their spout. They generally use camlock type fittings. Though the diameter of the pipes will end up being 2″, so if you expect a large amount of water coming in, it will overwhelm them and you will loose water through the overflow. Best thing to do is get a tank sized for the amount of water expected. But if you happen to have a bunch of IBC totes, you could always try interconnecting them through the top, but that will require some creative adapters… Hope it turns out great!

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