Greywater Action Installers Course

Digging up a mulch basin to prevent the Greywater from running off.

Greywateraction‘s Installers Course (2017 edition) recently came to a close. As part of the collaborative of educators, I decided to share some photos and insights from this past installation day. We, at GreywaterAction, believe in building systems for a sustainable water culture. Heck, that’s our slogan! With that in mind, we talk (and teach) about…

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Water, drought and what I’m doing about it

Some of the books that are keeping me busy, and excited about the future!

As you might now, I’m passionate about water and our relationship with it. Through that, I’ve been involved in designing and installing Greywater systems for a while now. The more I learn, and the more people I meet, the more apparent it becomes that we need to approach the drought from as many, sustainable, angles as possible. I want to emphasize sustainable, because as Albert Einstein put it “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

10 Easy Water Saving Tips (with extras)

I’m writing these easy water saving tips because I’ve been noticing many people taking about the drought, mandatory restrictions and water bill hikes. This is something I’ve been involved in for a while now and love to share with people. Hopefully I’ll mention something you had not though of and it inspires some action. Also,…

Greywater for Combatting California’s severe drought

Greywater Laundry to Landscape diverter valve setup

In lieu of the LA Times recent (March 12, 2015) Op-Ed about California’s severe drought aptly named “California has about one year of water stored. Will you ration now?”, I will start offering greywater system services in and around the Topanga, Ca area. But first… Greywater: What is it? Greywater (or graywater as more commonly…