Caring for chickens at Spreadwing farm

Some of the chickens

  I’ve been interning here at Spreadwing farm for about two and a half weeks. Under two more weeks to go and back home it is. One of my daily duties here comprise of caring for chickens, about eighty of them. They are great fun as there are three age groups. We have the older…

About SRI and how it could better feed the world

  SRI, originally a rice farming technique developed in Madagascar by French Jesuit Henri de Laulanie, stands for System of Rice Intensification.  This system spawns from over twenty years of observation of “deviant” farmers in the area. Instead of espousing the rice paddy‘s traditional approach, this technique: Transplants the seedlings at a very early stage in the…

Interesting Technique

This video shows an “emergency” way to back feed your generator to your home electrical breaker panel. Not sure it’s safe, but it’s clever enough to entertain the thought.