Thrift store finds

Went to Ojai recently and picked up these 3 thrift store jewels: 1. Not sure what this was used for. But I hope to use it for spraying glaces on my ceramic pots. 2. Wagner skillet. Instructions on seasoning included on back. Not that I need them… 3. An “Industrial” strength Craftsman drill. These only…

Picture This: Little seedlings in the garden

After building the new garden bed, I started planting the seeds I got from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. You might remember them from when Erin and I did the West Coast Trip and stopped over at their “Seed Bank”. Now here is the lineup of new seedlings in the garden:

Picture This: Scleroderma Citrinum or large strange mushroom

First time I saw this awesome and strange mushroom

I’ve been meaning to share the photos of this strange mushroom for a while. These were taken in our old place in the span of  eleven days. I’m no mycologist, but I think this is a Scleroderma Citrinum. I just came upon it one day by our RV and was fascinated at how it managed…

Picture this: Spreadwing farm

chicken coop and orchard

As you might recall, Erin and I almost did a farm internship for a couple of months. This was with Michael G. Smith of Spreadwing farm, a well known natural builder and all around great guy. I first met Michael while taking a week long Natural Building Intensive he co-taught. Well, after talking about alternate…