The Big Move

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All ends are new beginnings… After a long break (3 years? Yikes!), I’m bringing back this little blog of mine. Heck, I’m hoping to let it shine! Lots of updates to share and many adventures had (which I plan on sharing), but for now the big news are… We are moving on up to Washington state and have joined the Port Townsend EcoVillage. We will be staying at a friend’s home that lives in the EcoVillage and will start building a 400sf home in the near future, more on that later.

We left yesterday and are on the road from Topanga Canyon to take a final, South to North, West Coast road trip!

Topanga Canyon blvd and the PCH

Getting ready for the move took some time as we didn’t want to take everything, but also felt strongly about not adding to the gigantic trash pile that is our local dump. These are things from all the Greywater installations I’ve done, crafts, brewing equipment, many books (mostly about sustainability), tools, ect., that we’ve been hauling along since we left Silver Lake to live in Topanga back in 2011.

Many belongings in a storage shed
Some of our hidden treasures…

So little by little, we sold/gave away many of our “extra” things. The biggest challenge, literally and figuratively, was selling/moving the trailer from our little nook. I had a good friend help out and we used a pretty nice technique to slide the trailer sideways:

Fifth wheel trailer with it's tires on casters, hitched to a blue chevy truck

So we emptied the room I built, sold the trailer and now have two U-Boxes on the way to Port Townsend with us running a good bit slower behind in Rusty (Our 1983.5 Westy). What’s the reason we are a good bit slower, you ask? Well, it’s a Westy, top speed of around 65mph and we are taking the West Coast the whole way up. Something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but always ended up going East to the 5 right after California.

VW bus with two U Haul boxes and a home in the background

We are currently in San Luis Obispo and are headed towards Big Sur today. Should be a nice windy drive with spectacular views. I’ll update with pics and more adventure soon.

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