Greywater System Design

Greywater System - Claim to fame - Los Angeles Times - The Greenman Project

Greywater systems are an easy and affordable way to get the most use out of water you already paid for. This is done by redirecting the, freshly used, water to the root zones of plants. I can confidently, and accurately, consult on which type of system/design will work with your particular situation, as I am a Greywater Action certified Greywater Installer, educator, speaker and have installed 50+ systems and counting.



Greywater System - Laundry to Landscape - finished installation - The Greenman Project
Greywater system in a small front yard orchard

What is Greywater?

Greywater (or graywater) is freshly used water from your home. Meaning, more specifically, water that has just come out of a fixture in your home except the toilet, dish washer and, in California, the kitchen sink. This includes showers, baths, most sinks, and laundry.

Greywater System - Laundry to Landscape - 3 way valve configuration on outdoor shed - The Greenman ProjectBenefits of using Greywater?

  • Reduces your water usage/bill. You can use your water twice. Once for washing and the second for your irrigation. On average baths and washing machines use 40 gallons of water each use, and showers take around 12 gallons. The washing machine alone could easily water several small fruit trees or perennial shrubs.
  • Reduces waste water loads on septic systems. Specially on homes in small lots, clay soils or old systems. This leads to less pumping and there for more savings.
  • For homes tied to the sewer system, it helps conserve energy in the form of treating this “waste water”
  • Provides irrigation and some fertilizer to your landscape.
  • Feeling good by knowing you are getting the most out of this precious resource.

Interested in saving some water?