Greywater Action Installers Course

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Greywateraction‘s Installers Course (2017 edition) recently came to a close. As part of the collaborative of educators, I decided to share some photos and insights from this past installation day.

We, at GreywaterAction, believe in building systems for a sustainable water culture. Heck, that’s our slogan! With that in mind, we talk (and teach) about systems that do the most benefit to our landscapes. Greywater is a great, nutrient rich resource that plants love! Why not send it to their root systems so they can enjoy a “free” drink? Sometimes you might hear people mentioning they have a greywater system in their homes, however technically true that may be, if they are just diverting the greywater to a pit or french drain… It could do with an overhaul to send the water to a more beneficial location.

If you are interested in learning more on the subject, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, head on over to the GreywaterAction forum page, or have a look at our calendar to see if we’ll be hosting an event near you. Hope to see you at one of these soon!


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