Picture This: Scleroderma Citrinum or large strange mushroom

Strange mushroom Scleroderma citrinum
First time I saw this awesome and strange mushroom

I’ve been meaning to share the photos of this strange mushroom for a while. These were taken in our old place in the span of  eleven days. I’m no mycologist, but I think this is a Scleroderma Citrinum.

I just came upon it one day by our RV and was fascinated at how it managed to break through the hard, compacted soil. Next time I saw it some animal had chewed off one of the globe like fruits, what you are looking at in the pictures. Soon there after, it started splitting and growing fast. I was amazed at what it turned into, and then, one day…. Splat! Someone ran it over. I’m sad to say that it never completed it’s cycle. It’s a tough world out there. Be careful, you hear…

 It’s hard being a strange mushroom:

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