Gaining Traction

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A friend mentioned a quote yesterday that I feel is appropriate to start this post.

“Frustration is a sign your inner purpose has no traction”

We have been here for a month and a half now. Progress report you say?

Well we’ve got most of our excess stuff sorted and need a storage shed for the indispensable others. Gas is all settled and so is water, from a local natural spring. Electricity is a bit of a pain now, as we are charging our batteries with a generator and it’s not very efficient nor quiet. Solar/converter project is a priority. ¬†Also we finally have internet here. It’s delivered through satellite and does the job, not super awesome but worth it.

Projects coming up?

Not in order of importance: Thermal solar water heating. PV electricity. Cannibal cooker for Erin. Build storage shed out of shipping pallets. Solar cooker, etc.

There is a shift coming soon, which is a recurring pattern. It seems it’s a perpetual and seemingly random fitting of pieces together. After the permaculture course I’ve kept in touch with and met many amazing trail blazers.

The fun never ends…

Hope you all are well and living your dream!

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