Regaining Control of The Meaning of Life

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I love it when things in life just converge. That to me is a sure sign of being on your true path. As you might recall, I recently posted some very interesting information on Money. Simply, it puts money in it’s place as a societies agreed upon medium of energetic exchange. I again HIGHLY recommend watching the film and listening to the audio from that post.

This really got me thinking about the “consumer lifestyle” and what it means to live within a system that values the medium of exchange more than the exchange itself. I’m not going to preach about this or get much deeper into my feelings on the subject. Suffice it to say it shifted my awareness on the nature of the beast.

I first heard of Deborah Eden Tull a couple of years ago from a Whole Life Times article describing her journey and passions. Immediately I became aware that she was someone I would like to make contact with, but never got to it for one reason or another.

Fast forwarding to about a month ago… Erin was searching through the classifieds on Craigslist looking for some additional income. Diversify, diversify. There she stumbled upon a post from none other than Eden herself looking for interns to help her on her path and learn something in the mean time.

This is where the “Money Summit” comes into play. Had it not shifted my awareness on the money/exchange paradigm, I would have likely not even thought of taking on the responsibility without monetary incentive. Needless to say, I wrote an email within the hour requesting audience. We exchanged several emails and saw that the intern ship would be mutually beneficial. Now I’m on the next step towards the path, honing in on skills that will be needed later on and networking with some fantastic people. I feel blessed every time I think of how many wonderful and supportive people I’ve met in my life and can only hope to do the same for others.

I still am working on the Urban Foraging workshop info and the Garden upgrade… It’s gonna be good ;-)

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