Progressing towards the goal

mobile is the new stable
mobile is the new stable


Serendipitous as our life is, we have made some great strides this past month. It is the end of a wonderful chapter on our journey, and we’ll be leaving the community for a more rustic lifestyle. Thanks to good ol’ Craigslist we have found a new place to live and a new “home”.

Here is the low down. The other day Erin found a post on Craigslist asking for someone to park their RV on an off grid ten acre plot of land near the Malibu/Topanga border. The post continued, build your permaculture paradise here. Now how could we say no to that?!

We’ve been secretly dreaming of living as such for a while, albeit temporarily. This, coupled with the savings (for our own land later) we’d accrue and we were hooked. We contacted said poster and soon got to the location. As it turns out we had mistakenly(?) trespassed on it about a year ago while looking for hiking spots near our area. I remember saying “what a cool place this is, can we live here?”. At the time, the owner merely informed us we were on his land and helped us find our way to an awesome hike. But now my wish was coming true!

We chatted for about three hours and had a tour of the land. It is mostly hilly, facing south, with a gorgeous view of the ocean and no other homes within sight. Oh, almost forgot to mention the natural spring we’ll be getting our water from. Needless to say, the offer was accepted and informed him that we’d be on the hunt for an RV…

About a week and hundreds of posts later our search came to an end. It actually came with the truck. Both came from a very nice old gentleman. His wife had just recently passed and could not back up the RV on his own. He had taken VERY good care of both and was giving us a great deal. How could we say no? After a very interesting drive, I’ve never towed anything in my life before, we now have the pair on the site. March first we’ll join them on our new location and will start a new chapter.

But first we have to get rid of many boxes of, let’s call it, stuff before leaving. It’s nice getting to finally lighten the load. How many _____s do you really need? My library is sacred however, I’ll have to figure something out.

For the time being we are just ecstatic and can think of nothing other than to be there, oh and packing…


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