Silverlake lasagna gardening project

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Before all the drama, I had been giving my garden a face lift, by doing some lasagna gardening, for a while. Now that we are moving out, I’m sad to say it’s not looking to good any more.

Silverlake garden before the cleanup
This is the mess before I upgraded the garden bed and cleaned up a bit


lasagna gardening, cardboard and soil
lasagna gardening with cardboard and soil

I got together with two friends (Aaron and John) and started renovating my neglected back yard. So we removed the old bed’s frame, covered the area next to it with cardboard (this smothers the grass so it won’t grow through), dug a bit of a trench in between (why you ask? just felt like it really) and put some soil/compost/manure on top.


Lasagna garden straw layer
Lasagna garden straw layer

After, we add a dash of straw (make sure that it has no seeds in it). I got this from a straw bale I bought a while back at a feed store.


lasagna garden, border, soil and walkway
lasagna, border, soil and walkway

Now we don’t want our new and renovated beds full of creeping grass, do we? Remedy was to put more cardboard around the edge. Also adding some straw to the “walkway” and topping off the new bed with some more manure, all the compost I’ve been making at home and the rest of the soil I bought. Now the compost was not all fully decomposed. This does not really matter as it will do this in the soil, as nature intended.


Finished lasagna garden renovation
Finished lasagna garden renovation

Covered with mulch and having built a “plank” to walk on from all the scrap wood removed from the old bed, this little puppy was starting to take shape.

My little ones got planted and tended for about a month till we decided to move away. Sad really, since I’ve gotten the soil to be full of life and the surrounding area has an army of beneficial insects to get rid of most problems that would have occurred. Oh well. Bigger things coming up next!


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