Simple Composting Guide

Many wonderful things have been happening here at the community. We’ve had some very productive meetings as of late. Many plans to improve the land and our quality of life. As one of these meetings was taking place, I mentioned that I noticed some issues with our community compost pile. Put another way, I walked…

Old Habits Die Hard

Since the big move is coming in three days, I’ve not had any place to put my compostables. The refrigerator has more food scraps in it than food! Now today for the first time in years I threw compostable material in the trash. What a complete waste of resources!

Silverlake lasagna gardening project

Finished lasagna garden renovation

Before all the drama, I had been giving my garden a face lift, by doing some lasagna gardening, for a while. Now that we are moving out, I’m sad to say it’s not looking to good any more.   I got together with two friends (Aaron and John) and started renovating my neglected back yard.…