Close Encounter of the moley kind

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The other day at work something magical (to me at least) happened. As I was going about my not so fun day at work, I was driving up on the hills of Glendale. Getting ready to make a left turn, I saw something going across the street. It looked like a little shadow, I thought to my self. After letting it cross I pulled over to investigate. It looked like a mouse, but had a little stubby tail and walked “funny”. As soon as I saw this walk (it looked like it was trying to swim) I realised this was no quirky mouse, but a mole. This little guy was lost trying to dig himself into his comfort zone at any patch of leaves it could find. Only to find pavement underneath. So I did what any self respecting land steward would do, picked him up and put him on the soil by some trees. As soon as I did this, his “funny” swim like walking turned to a graceful well practised digging. Within seconds he was gone underground and I followed the trail for a while marvelling at the beauty of nature. Hope he’s doing well for himself…

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