Home Brew Kombucha – First fermentation

It had gotten out of control. I was maintaining six large jars to brew Kombucha a week, while pressing my own organic juices to add for the second fermentation. Not sure who was serving who! Then, one day I get the bright idea to try and use Mate instead of regular tea as a starter…

Planting time

Sweet Himalayan fruit

So, we’ve been very busy getting our new house to be our new home. There are thing here we’ve never dealt with. For example, mice. The little guys were getting in through all kinds of places. I’ve patched many holes so now they are not partying all night long as often.

Good Weeds # 2

Lamb’s Quaters or Goosefoot (Chenopodium Berlandieri): This little known “weed” (to me at least) is of the same genus (closely related to) as Quinoa. It is part of the Eastern Agricultural Complex, a group of plants the Eastern Woodland Native Americans were foraging for as far back as 6,000 BCE. By 1,800 BCE they were…