Good Weeds # 1

So I’ve realised that there is way to much info to put on just one post. Here is the first instalment of Good Weeds…. On February 27, I went to an awesome Urban Forage Event ran by Nance Khelm. It took me a long time to post this because of issues I had that day,…

Rain Check

I went to a Permaculture event today. It was very nice and the people were very much my type of folk. We talked about many a related subject and set up a mulched garden bed. I was going to post some related and even complementary information today. However, my amazing wife surprised me with an…

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Not Just For Greeks!

The other day I saw an Olive tree and for the last time thought to my self, how hard can it be to cure olives? So here we go. First pick olives from tree. Preferably an olive tree… Cut a slit all around each olive. To prepare brine, add a mixture of water and salt…

Delicious Harvest!

  After not going to my back yard garden for about two weeks, I was greeted by a small jungle. I’ve been having lower back pain, so have not been taking care of our supplemental food supply. Luckily, it’s been raining and my soil retains moisture well. So after beating back the intruding grasses I…

Organic or Conventional?

The Environmental Working Group‘s Food News page has a list we should all follow. The list contains 49 fruits and vegetables arranged to show the quantity of pesticides in them. When Organic is not available this list can help you make a decision.

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