The Greenman Project

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The GreenmanHere I set forth a plan to reclaim what has been taken from us without our consent. I speak of the ability to do things for ourselves.

This is of course a biased blog. I love all things nature, enjoy DIY projects, go backpacking as often as possible and generally feel overwhelmed by the overly complicated “world of today”. To much junk not enough content.

In this blog I plan on posting my version of good content. Also updates will be posted as progress is made with “The Plan”. So here it is, in no particular order.

  • Hunt down some land. The more acres the better. Year round water would be a plus. Not many neighbours in sight.
  • Become permaculture certified.
  • Have a fulfilling daily yoga practice.
  • Build a passive solar home of materials yet to be determined.
  • Keep some livestock, have a large garden and fruit orchard.
  • Make pottery (again).
  • Solar, wind, micro hydro power on the property.
  • Reclaim grey water.
  • Become as self sufficient/employed as possible.
  • Be part of a community of like minded people.

So as this seed is planted I hope you will watch it with me as it grows into a wonderful tree that will provide shade for us all.

till next time


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