Great Permaculture related radio

   This page has some great talks. I particularly enjoyed this one. It has three guests. The first is Penny Livingston Stark, she is the founder of RDI. A permaculture school in Bolinas California (Erin took me there for my birthday a couple of years ago. Great place to visit). She talks about the origins…

DYS Crack!

  This web page is seriously dangerous. To much info on Do it Your Self type projects. Ever wanted to make a Hay Slow Cooker? Would you like to Convert your Honda Accord to run on trash? You should Save Water! Kitchen Faucet with Foot Pedal. You can’t go wrong with this page. Unless you…

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What do plants, robots, and pizza have in common?

  Answer: This TED talk! The speaker, Stefano Mancuso talks of plant intelligence. He shows some cool slow motion footage of plants “playing”, “sleeping”, etc. One of the things that sounded interesting was his assertion that plant root tips are individual brains. This forms a “networked” brain similar to how computers relate to the internet.…

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Climate change the end of cheap oil and what people are doing about it

       This is Transition. A network of people who are bringing “local” back to your area. An immense amount of resources are found on these pages. Also you can join/start a Hub.  My angel of a wife and I went to an introductory meeting tonight. More like I dragged her out even though…

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Sick of bad News

I stopped watching TV about five years ago. I’ll catch a movie here and there… One of the reasons was the sad excuse for news we generally get. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but Fox “News” is anything but that. I now get my news online and I feel much more aware of the pulse…

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