Climate change the end of cheap oil and what people are doing about it

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This is Transition. A network of people who are bringing “local” back to your area. An immense amount of resources are found on these pages. Also you can join/start a Hub. 

My angel of a wife and I went to an introductory meeting tonight. More like I dragged her out even though she was sick. What a trouper. Tonight reminded me that I’m not alone in the world. I’m not just a “tree hugger”! I’m a human who is aware of our current environmental flaws and means to do something about it. Change that benefits us almost always comes from the grass roots and not the trickle down effect some people talk about.

We talked about grey water reclamation, community building, gardening, permaculture and all around sustainability. What a night! My green batteries are recharged. Now if only my back felt as good as my mind.

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