The Sociable Weaver builds it’s nest in community

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Sociable Weavers nest
Sociable Weavers nest (from: Dillon Marsh Photography)

I’ve been on a community state of mind lately. Might be because we are “homeless” right now and our friends are really stepping up to bat. We are very lucky to be able to maintain our course through these rough waters.

The Sociable Weavers (Philetairus socius) build these incredible communal nests one straw at a time using a technique called thatching. These nests are multigenerational and have been known to be inhabited for as long as 100 years. Easily housing 200 birds, these little communities are continually being maintained.

Another nod to natural building and communities…


Also, check out this (low quality) video from the BBC’s David Attenborough


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