Wish I had a field to trim

Ever seen a scythe at work? If only I could get my hands on one of these. Looks like a great way to clear a field and get some food for livestock.

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What’s this money thing all about?

I asked my self some questions a while back that got me researching currencies for a while now. What’s the point? How do they work? Who controls the flow? And several more… Recently, thanks to Transition California I found some easy to understand and quite informative resources. The money fix is entertaining and best of…

Intro to Permaculture Design DVD

I just finished watching the Intro to Permaculture Design DVD from Geoff Lawton and am happy to report, I’ve drank the Kool aid. This DVD is only scratching the surface of the concept but is incredibly inspiring. Seeing the Guilds having taken form and all the food forests… Oh my! If you personally know me,…