Book Shelf: William Coperthwaite’s A Handmade Life

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I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Life has kept me busy. Just got back from a trip across the southern part of the country and back. I am feeling revived and inspired to get many new projects ready in 2014.

Now for the William Coperthwaite post:

A Handmade Life - By William Coperthwaite

In recent days I’ve come across the news of a great loss to the movement. Which movement and to whom to I refer? Well, William Coperthwaite was a champion of many talents including the non violent, DIY, sustainable, educational and social kind. I first heard of William Coperthwaite while staying at Michael Smith‘s Spreadwing Farm. I asked him for a recommended book to read and, out of his large collection, he recommended A Handmade Life. This book and William’s outlook in life really inspired me to simplify and find more fulfilling ways to pass my time.


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