Greywater for Combatting California’s severe drought

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In lieu of the LA Times recent (March 12, 2015) Op-Ed about California’s severe drought aptly named “California has about one year of water stored. Will you ration now?”, I will start offering greywater system services in and around the Topanga, Ca area.

But first…


What is it?

Greywater (or graywater as more commonly known here in the US) is freshly used water used in your home. Meaning, more specifically, water that has just come out of a fixture in your home except the toilet, dish washer and, in California, the kitchen sink. This includes showers, baths, most sinks, and laundry.

Why use it?

  • Reduce your water usage/bill. You can use your water twice. Once for washing and the second for your irrigation. On average baths and washing machines use 50 gallons of water each, and showers take around 12 gallons.
  • Reduce waste water loads on septic systems. Specially on homes with small lots, clay soils or old systems. This leads to less pumping and there for more savings.
  • Provide irrigation and some fertilizer to your landscape.
  • Feel good effect of knowing you are getting the most out of this precious resource.
Greywater Laundry to Landscape diverter valve setup - The Greenman Project
Laundry to Landscape diverter valve example


As you might already know, I am a strong proponent of solving problems locally. I’ve been installing greywater systems in the east side of LA for nearly a year now, with Greywater Corps. I am now feeling activated to help out in my own community and bring greywater systems to a larger audience.

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