What’s this money thing all about?

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I asked my self some questions a while back that got me researching currencies for a while now. What’s the point? How do they work? Who controls the flow? And several more…

Recently, thanks to Transition California I found some easy to understand and quite informative resources. The money fix is entertaining and best of all can be viewed for free on YouTube.

Also, recently there was a Healthy Money Summit held in cyber space. The twenty four speakers are all very well informed on the subject and offer views not often heard. They have been very gracious and made all the audio available to all, once again for free (Edit: now it is no longer available for free).

I like these because most things on the subject tend to be somewhat depressing and or conspiracy theorist. It’s not that they are not true, just that it might not be a good starting point if you’ve not read much on the subject. If you are interested, contact me and I’ll give you some more, ummm in depth stuff.

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