Updating after a hiatus

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Haven’t posted anything in a good bit. It’s been one project after the other and many in between! I’ll do a short recap and also tell you about a slightly different path I’m taking with the blog.

What I’ve been up to:

First day with Rusty - Westfalia Vanagon 1983 - The Greenman ProjectIn early June, I bought the car of my dreams. A VW bus, more specifically a 1983.5 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia edition. This has been a learning experience, a joy, and a source of many, many hours of tinkering. His name is Rusty and I’ll be posting about these adventures soon…

Room renovationOur friends, where we live, have given us a space in their old horse stable to use. This has become quite the project and I’ve been shoring up the walls, insulating and redoing the roof/ceiling for a while. Some day soon, I hope, It’ll be our bedroom/office.


Branched Drain Greywater System - The Greenman Project Another big change is that I’ve been installing Greywater systems. This is with Greywater Corps and I LOVE the crew and boss. That being said, I have enough installations under my belt and have taken an installer’s certification course from Greywater Action. Soon I’ll be helping people in the area with maximizing the use of their water.


Now as to this page’s future. I plan on making it a bit more broad and involved. I don’t only do Green Projects :) There will also be some functionality added as time permits…

I’ll be posting more, still interesting, day to day stuff and info I come across. The theme will still be the same, just with a more personal feel. So come keep an eye out for new posts and tell me how you feel about the changes…

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