New and updating, welcome to 2012

We’ve been out of town for a while, visiting Erin’s family over on the east coast. How awesome was your Christmas and New Year? Mine was just perfect!

Econlockhatchee River, Orlando Florida
Econlockhatchee River, Orlando Florida

We’ve been looking into the logistics of buying land and building codes etc. It’s not an easily traveled road. Land buying is not generally given any love by the banks, so you are left with owner financing. Building codes are not meant to help the owner builder, but instead make it so the “industry” gets as many of their materials inside our homes. This creates on average a %40 or more waste of materials per home built. This only applies if you plan on doing this up to code and legally of course, which we are. Since we plan on building an Eco educational B&B out of sustainable materials and practices (best case scenario).

Currently we are in the process of eliminating what we call an over abundance of possessions. It’s crazy how much “cool” stuff you can accumulate if you don’t watch your self (and are a recovering pack rat). The consumer lifestyle is catching up to us all one way or another, I think it’s time to clean house. Both literally and figuratively.

Next on the agenda is lessening our cost of living; I was just struck about the meaning of that phrase a while back while talking with a friend. At any rate, we want to reduce our foot print while at the same time lessen our dependence on mindless work to pay bills we don’t even need in the first place. Radical, it may seem but I bet it’s a more rewarding lifestyle than paycheck to paycheck only to be able to afford that new plasma TV or Ipad.

So here we are, new year. Renewed vigor! Wishing you the best on this year of great changes.