The Big Move pt. 4

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On the way out of Arcata, we stopped at the incomparable Redwood Curtain Brewing Company. Where they filled my growler so we can enjoy on the road, obvs not while driving. Truly one of the best in the West!

After a brew and breakfast, we headed to Fern Canyon. This place was amazing!

I’ll spare you the dizzying video I took of the drive back out to the highway. Well worthwhile, but yikes!

After that awesome hike, we zipped up the coast to the first rest stop we could get to in Southern Oregon. Had another great breakfast view early the next morning, then tried to make some good progress.

Didn’t make it too far without getting to Clausen Oysters in North Bend. What a welcome site that was. I love eating in Rusty, but a nice meal here and there?

We are now in Seaside, about 20 miles from the Washington border. Oregon passed by fast, drove nearly 300 miles today, which is harder than you’d think in a VW bus. We may make it to our new home in Port Townsend tomorrow, but likely we will stay the night at Forks and take it nice and easy.

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