So, we’ve been house-less for about a month and a half now. Not as bad as you might think. We have money saved, jobs, and all our stuff; just not a house to rest in at night. We had decided to move up north, but it just has not worked out. Erin’s work has been featured on, not one, but two very popular photography pages and is getting  lots of requests for photo shoots, so it does not seem logical to uproot right now.

Spreadwing farm
Spreadwing farm – Photo credit

We almost did a four month internship with Michael G. Smith. Organic farmer, natural builder extraordinaire, and all around great person. However, after three days helping out at the farm, we realized it would not work out with our current job arrangements so had to put that on the back burner.

Now, even though our friends are being more than supportive and the fifth wheel is safely stored, we are feeling the pressure of not having a place of our own. Luckily it looks as though starting April, we’ll have a new place. This is still off grid but has solar panels and city water. It looks very promising and has a horse stable with an old, mostly gutted, airstream (kind of like this one) and random structures on it. I can make it work and will have a blast in the process.

For now though, I am blessed to have a wonderfull wife and puppy. So home is where the heart is…