Let the sun shine in

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Living here on the land is very interesting to say the least. Interactions are a minimum of 15 minutes, and always very informative and sincere. A walk to get the laundry can take you half an hour on average.

On a walk of the perimeter the other day, I found two old solar panels laying in the trash a.k.a. storage pile. You can imagine with what speed I picked them up. Of course asking the pertinent people if I could use them. After consulting with my partner in DIY crime, Aaron (he donated some needed hardware), we set up a proof of concept solar system. It needs some refinement and the light is just a single 3 watt LED, but it’s a start. Best of all it cost me $0.

yeah they are secured to a palate, I


better put yer sunglasses on!


By the way, on the second picture are my new Shishido peppers and soon to be new crop of sweet potatoes!

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