Settling down yet again moving the 5th wheel trailer

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We finally got Internet again, satellite, so it’s time for an overdue update:

The move in to the “The Ranch” took four people racking their brains for a couple of days just to figure out how moving the 5th wheel trailer in would work.

Ankle braker...
Ankle breaker…

When we moved in the “soil” was so trampled, dry and compacted we could hardly walk on it. The “smooth” patch on the right got that way after it rained and we walked on it for about a week. It took six passes with a tiller to get this to a walkable form. The horse manure and clay in the soil makes this soil perfect for adobe bricks or cob, maybe if I add some sand. Do I smell a cob project coming up?


The Ranch winch casters moving the 5th wheel
Unconventional, yes

The short version of how we moved the trailer involves showing you these pictures. Yes, those are casters under the legs, and wheels, and that is a winch attached to the frame pulling from a large tree. Also you might notice the winch being powered by the trailer batteries from the open compartment. All those late nights watching Mac Gyver payed off.


Easy does it moving the 5th wheel trailer
Easy does it. My brother moving the 5th wheel trailer.

In fact, the setup was so good we could actually push it ourselves. It was like magic, every time we ran out of space to push the trailer one of the six plywood sheets under it would free up. Not to mention the fact that we had very few inches to spare at every turn.


Home sweet home after we finished moving the 5th wheel
Home sweet home

After twelve hours, and many close calls, we got the trailer located where we wanted it. You might notice, unless my pictures make it nearly impossible, that the trailer is pointing opposite the way it came in. That would be because we actually pivoted the thing 360 degrees and slid it sideways to get it there. I should consider starting a custom trailer moving service, that or committing my self to the crazy house. Now on to fixing the drip irrigation system, getting bees in the hive, digging the garden beds and well, the list goes on…



Very nicely built deck on this 1977 Airstream Argosy
Very nicely built deck on this 1977 Airstream Argosy 24

We call this the office/library and the view from the deck begs for a comfortable chair and a cold beer. Who need TV with stuff like this.


Workshop, trailer and future garden site
Click for a larger image

To the left is where I plan on digging the garden beds and to the right is what will become, soon I hope, my outdoor workshop and ceramic studio.

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