Project Weather Aproaching

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It’s getting warmer here, and in the rest of the northern hemisphere. This means several things to me. Tomatoes are going to be enjoyed in not to long, I can’t stand the store bought ones after growing my own for several years now. It gets darker later, so more time in the garden after work. More poignant to this post, it just feels like a better time of the year to do projects with friends over a BBQ or the such.

I’ve been eye balling either solar ovens, dehydrators, solar stills or something in that vein. Then, I find this link from Build it Solar. It’s a sign… right? Ok, maybe I was just looking for a project to do.

I’ll await comments here  for a while to see if you guys would like to see me do one type instead of the other, I’m leaning towards solar cooker.

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