Paradise found

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Well almost. We checked out some land today. It was 120 acres in the LA area. Nice and close to all our awesome friends and family, but just out of the way enough to not be in the city. It had some oaks and a lot of sage all over. There were two building sites, unless we did an underground home. Something like this comes to mind. Also there was a ravine going through the property (good for ground water, etc.)

Before you get to excited, like I did. Immediately next to the property were some oil derricks. Actually they had mineral rights to any thing below 500′ underground and an easement through the middle of the land. All this made me uneasy because of the possibility of contamination to any possible ground water. Also the idea of having oil tankers driving through my property is not to appealing. Then there is the fact that very little of the land was even slightly level and the rest went from steep to very steep.  All that and the asking price was somewhat unreasonable. Maybe if we can get them to drop it…

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