Our Tiny House Build

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Most people think of a tiny house as glorified trailer, or small shack on wheels. We are building neither of those things. Instead we’ve opted for a small footprint of 450sf and cement foundation. So it won’t ever move and it is slightly larger than the traditional max of 400sf.

This is pretty much what it will end up being.

The walls and roof are made up of SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) which have great insulative properties and are less wasteful than their “stick frame” counterparts.

There is also 4″ of rigid foam insulation below the cement floor and 2″ all around. This the insulation will thermally decouple the cement from the colder soil. The idea is that then it will act as a heat battery of sorts.

One last thing I want to mention is how I stubbed out the bath drain to use the greywater for irrigation. It’s not a very greywater friendly area over here, but I’m working with some groups to change that. Hopefully I’ll be able to use that water one of these days. Better to have it ready than to have the pipes buried in cement!

More to come on this as the project moves forward…

Here are some of the photos of the progress so far:

Till next time 👋

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