Not Just For Greeks!

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The other day I saw an Olive tree and for the last time thought to my self, how hard can it be to cure olives?
So here we go. First pick olives from tree. Preferably an olive tree…
Cut a slit all around each olive.
To prepare brine, add a mixture of water and salt to a container with a ratio of 10:1. To make sure you got it right, put a raw egg (in the shell) in the container. As soon as the egg floats you are set. If it doesn’t then add more salt.
Remove egg. Put olives in brine and cover with something so as to submerge all of them. A plate works well here.
Now just put a lid on it! Shake up the mixture a bit each day and replace the brine once a week. After three weeks of this, take an olive out and if it does not look suspect to spoilage rinse and try. If it’s unpleasant and smells funny, abort project and try at a later date. If it’s bitter, continue shaking up mixture and replacing brine once a week till ready. If it’s not bitter and you’ve enjoyed the experience then you are done. Fill up a jar with a new batch of brine, add four table spoons of quality red wine vinegar and top with a layer of olive oil.
Now this is just my first time doing this. I don’t know how it will come out. If in about three weeks I mysteriously stop posting, get concerned! Otherwise I’ll post a proud picture with my new found skill and bounty.

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