Intro to Permaculture Design DVD

Intro to Permaculture DVD

I just finished watching the Intro to Permaculture Design DVD from Geoff Lawton and am happy to report, I’ve drank the Kool aid. This DVD is only scratching the surface of the concept but is incredibly inspiring. Seeing the Guilds having taken form and all the food forests… Oh my! If you personally know me, we can arrange for you to borrow it (if you damage it I’ll compost you).

On the same note. Remember the Greening the Dessert video I posted about? It gets better. It looks like PRI is conducting a Greening the Dessert II, except this time around they bought the land. Sasha Rabin is leading a course there on Natural Building! Talk about the perfect storm. Natural Building, PRI, Greening the Dessert II. Oh to dream of time off and money…