An interesting take on alternative economies

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Great post from Permaculutre Magazine UK
Great article from Permaculutre Magazine UK

As you might have noticed on TheGreenmanProject’s FaceBook page, there is a post linking to an article by Permaculture Magazine titled The Moneyless Manifesto. This touches on a subject that’s been on my mind for a while now, money. Now I’m not talking about the usual thoughts… I mean it’s origins, reasons for existing and the dark side. I’ve said it before, but here is the basic definition I adhere to. Money is an agreed upon medium of energetic exchange. It is a means to and end, not an end onto itself.

Lots of people think of this as “Hippie rubbish”. That’s ok, we all have our perceptions of reality. To anyone interested in a VERY articulate speaker on the subject, check out Charles Eisenstein‘s YouTube Channel. He is also mentioned on The Moneyless Manifesto article.

But, I digress. Mark Boyle, the author of said article (I won’t go into a description, well worth the read) has started the freeconomy community. This is something I’ve been wishing was around for a while now. Basically it’s people offering three things: skill share, tool share and space share. You just list the skills, tools and space you are willing to share freely to other members of the page. No strings attached! The idea is to build community and save on resources, eventually making the page obsolete. Do we all really need to have the same tools? My answer to that question is no. So with that said, I hope you also sign up to share and receive freely.

P.S.: You can also read Mark’s new book, for free, on his page.



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