Hollywood Farmers’ Market in trouble

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If you’ve been following the gossip about the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, I’ve got some news. If not here’s some background. As the Market’s street closure permit was expiring, the LA Film School (feel free to call and criticise) decides to complain that because of the Market, one of it’s three parking lots is closed for a couple of hours on Sunday. After a lot of petitioning and tugging from both sides, Los Angeles Council President Eric Garcetti gave a verbal commitment to grant a 90 day street closure permit.

Last Sunday at the market I did some digging around and got some interesting information. The LA Film School spokes man Antoine Ibrahim claims they need this extra parking space “Even though operationally we are not open seven days a week, educationally we are,” he said. “Sunday is a great day to come in and use the lab.”. What I find particularly interesting is that they, at the same time are charging $7 to Market goers to park in their two parking lots. Hmmm, I wonder to my self aloud. Could this be motivated by a greedy school wanting to make more money out of a market that has for the last 20 years given it revenue in the form of $7 parking charges? Biting the hand that feeds you, eh? How about they stop charging people to park there and only let their students in? I haven’t done the math but…

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