Heating on the cheap

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This is our new heater/stove. We do have a gas oven for every day use, but this puppy heats up the whole house quite nicely and for free. I’ve been picking up non treated wood scraps and shipping pallets.


  1. ooo cozy. One day I’d like to retrofit my place with one. I experienced one for the first time last winter at a friend’s ranch up north in the Sierra foothills. Just the sound of rain and the crackling of wood. It was so nice. During the winter months, they would use fallen Manzanita branches from their property. (I think it’s illegal to cut and burn Manzanita branches in CA, but it’s from their property, so I guess it was legal?) They are especially coveted during winter months because of its denseness- it burns at high temps for longer periods. Enjoy yourself!

  2. Chrisrine: Thanks! We do love it and are getting the hang of it more every day. Haven’t seen any Manzanita here yet, but I’ll keep my eyes out for some.

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