Hate Aphids? Here are some fun facts.

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Aphid family
Aphid family

Ever notice how Aphids have this uncanny ability to multiply?

Well, Aphids reproduce parthenogenically and viviparously. What this means is that this little, ahem, creature reproduces without mating and gives live birth to a female! As if that wasn’t enough they are sometimes known to have telescoping generations. When the mother gives live birth to a pregnant daughter. If the plant they are feeding on becomes crowded then they just produce alates, winged offspring, there by colonising another plant.

In Autumn the female starts to also give live birth to males. After mating the females lay their eggs and they wait until the following spring to attack your plants yet again. As if they needed any help, they can get the protection of Ants. Some species “farm” Aphids for their “honeydew”, aka poop. They will protect them from predators and go as far as taking them to their colony as underground herds.

Hope I didn’t ruin your appetite…

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