Easily Propagate Lavender

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Ever seen a great looking Lavender plant and wished it was growing at your home instead? Read on then and I’ll tell you how to easily propagate lavender, and other perennials for that matter.


Easily Propagate Lavender Cutting from non woody parts

How I easily propagate lavender plants:

The best time to propagate plants is in early spring, when the plant is just coming out of dormancy and new growth is developing. Find the new shoots. These are the non woody parts, also known as the meristematic growth.


Lavender Cuttings example

Cut about 3″ off of the new growth. I usually take several in order to account for possible/likely loss. Cleanliness matters here, so make sure your pruners, hands and working space is as clean and disinfected as reasonably possible.


Lavender Cutting after trimming leaves

Next, trim the leaves from the top half of your cuttings and then remove the rest from the bottom half. You want to trim the leaves as the reduced foliage reduces the amount of energy needed by the plant to stay alive and set roots.



Lavender Cuttings for propagating

This is it now. All you do is plant all the cuttings half way down, or to the first leaves. I put them all together so as to save space as some of them might not make it. I was not concerned with the soil and so just used a seed starting mix. I’m sure there are better things to use. I’ve heard some people put soil into the oven at about 250 degrees so as sanitize it. Could have gone that route, I guess. Another tid bit of information to help you with rooting. Many use “Willow Water” for dipping the end of the cuttings. This has been shown to help in rooting as this infusion has beneficial compounds. A cheap and easy trick is to just dilute aspirin into a glass of water and use that instead. Not as natural, but effective.


Hope this helps you along in greening the world! Let me know what you plan on using it with or if you have any questions.


Till next time…

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