Do try this at home, straight razor shaving

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Dubl duck straight razor shaving
Dubl duck straight razor

I used to not have to shave. Sadly my current cash cow of a job requires me to be “Clean Cut”. No more lumberjack look alike contests for me. So in my do it your own way fashion I went and got me a straight razor to shave with.

I must say that the first time it was VERY intimidating. I actually cut my face upon first contact, not a very encouraging thing to have happen. Luckily also loving a good challenge I’ve mastered the art. It is incredibly rewarding.

No longer needing to buy a disposable Mach 3 or the such, I strop the blade as I get ready to shave. Foam from a can? That’s absurd. Try rubbing an all badger hair brush on the soap with some water and then make the coolest froth on your face. I now can confidently claim, it is really hard to cut yourself with this VERY sharp edge once you know what you are doing.

I still hate to have a bare face but if there is no choice. Go for the gusto and get yourself some real shaving equipment.


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