About SRI and how it could better feed the world

  SRI, originally a rice farming technique developed in Madagascar by French Jesuit Henri de Laulanie, stands for System of Rice Intensification.  This system spawns from over twenty years of observation of “deviant” farmers in the area. Instead of espousing the rice paddy‘s traditional approach, this technique: Transplants the seedlings at a very early stage in the…

Thermosiphoning Passive Solar Water Heater

By Lonnie from Builditsolar.com

Build it Solar brings it again! This might be common knowledge but, heat rises and cold falls. This is the action behind thermosiphoning. The short and sweet of it is that you run some cold water through metal pipes that are being hit by the sun to heat it. You have a circulating system where…

There is hope!

This TED talk from Dan Barber reminds us we can clean up the environment while producing biodiversity and productivity.