Old Habits Die Hard

Since the big move is coming in three days, I’ve not had any place to put my compostables. The refrigerator has more food scraps in it than food! Now today for the first time in years I threw compostable material in the trash. What a complete waste of resources!

events and stuff

So I’ve set up a calendar. All events that fall within the theme of this blog will go there, and some others… Hope you get some use out of it.

Fluoride, not as good as you might think…

Fluoride is good, right? Well not exactly. The synthetic fluoride added to our water is of serious concern. Read up on this and get yourself a fluoride filter. Bottled water is actually LESS regulated than tap water… Wellness with natural health supplements The Washington Post

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green slug

  Elysia chlorotica. This little gem is indigenous to the salt marshes of New England and Canada. What makes this slug so special is that it is member of both the flora and fauna kingdoms. It claims this hybrid state by producing it’s own chlorophyll, thereby gaining energy from the sun’s rays. All the baby…